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Report by Wayne Mulligan, CEO of NZ Bio Forestry on 15 December 2022 regarding their ASEAN trip in November for NZ Bio Forestry funding and networking #bioforestry #biochemicals #sustainablefuture

For the first time in three years, fellow Director, Paul Morgan and I have been able to travel and spend time listening to customers and investors beyond New Zealand. Nothing beats kanohi ki te kanohi - face-to-face. We travelled to show our commitment to our vision, and to spend time with customers and investors to listen to their needs.

Our 5-week tour took in Taiwan, Singapore, Egypt, and UAE visiting key contacts, including our own teams in Taiwan and Singapore. Here is a summary of discussions and meetings, in each.

TAIWAN - A tremendous tech opportunity and gate to North Asia.

· Technology and Micro-Processors. At this technology conference, we were invited to illustrate the biochemical platform we have created from refining 30-tonne dry chip Pinus radiata. We are prototyping electronic materials and adhesives.

Visiting NTU University team and developing bio-adhesives

· Research: We confirmed our relationship with the bio-refining agency and bio-chemical professors.

· Energy: NZ Bio Forestry met energy companies seeking to move from fossil fuel. We are working on two programmes with them: bio-pellets and bio-fuel liquification.

· Taiwan NZ Bio Forestry: Met senior advisors from the government regarding investment and establishing our R&D company in Taiwan.

Pict: Left to right - Mr John Cuthie, ANZ Head of Research & Analysis- Taiwan (a Kiwi); Wayne Mulligan (NZ Bio Forestry); Ms Tina Wilson NZTE Trade Commissioner; Mr Kai Hsuan (NZ Bio Forestry- Taiwan); Mr Paul Moran (NZ Bio Forestry)

Big mihi to Temuera Hall from Tuwharetoa's Tupu Angitu (commercial arm of Lake Taupo Forestry Trust) who attended several meetings with us.

SINGAPORE - Where global capital and innovation are attracted and rewarded.

· Sustainability. Significant interest from funds, private investors and banks seeking sustainable and renewable investments, with data, scale and transparency.

· Singapore NZ Bio Forestry: Met key parties to establish our IP holding company and firm relationships with leading research and government economic agencies.

· Projects: Proposed several joint programmes with large NZ and Singapore food and fibre companies. Materials and packaging focus.

EGYPT - Away from the politics there is movement and Māori

· Attended programmes linked to COP 27.

· Launched NZ Bio Forestry video prepared by the NZ Climate Commission.

· Presented to global investors, ESG, private and NGOs.

Special mention to Conservation International, NZ Climate Commission, Māori and Pacific Island delegations, Blue Carbon analysts and the International Monetary Fund.

UAE - Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The best way to summarise the UAE is it is serious about the future. Capital is not a constraint nor is capability. They have their existing fossil businesses. I expect they will move to secure sustainable and renewable biomass. That makes money and sense!

We also confirmed our capital plan. The first option in early 2023 will be to find NZ investors. Then we will go to Asia and the Middle East. Then the Americas.

Lastly, we would like to thank the MFAT and NZTE staff who engaged with us. We greatly appreciated their professionalism and understanding of our business model. Our time away reminded us that listening, imagination, design and execution are critical for the future bio-products and IP from Aotearoa-NZ.

The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it and execute it.
- Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Wayne Mulligan - CEO of NZ Bio Forestry Ltd.

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Bernie Moore
Bernie Moore
04 feb 2023

Tena koe Wayne, it was really nice meeting up with you and Paul over here in Taiwan. Learning about your product and its process was very enlightening. You really know your stuff. I am certain that you are both on your way to major successes in your field.

All the very best.

Ka kite ano.

Bernie M

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