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Here are videos explaining the science behind our what we are about, our mission and values as well as Infographics that simply explain the NZ Bio Forestry proposition. 

Our Global Proposition -
the 'elevator' pitch.

A quick 40-second info-graphic on the global proposition of NZ Bio Forestry, and how the Future is Renewable. 

Our Values and Vision

This video explains NZ Bio Forestry's vision and values to become a world leader in processing forestry biomass into biochemicals, biofuel, and innovative materials such as plastics and computer microchips.  

The Opportunity

This video explains the huge opportunity for NZ plantation forests and the NZ Forestry sector in utilizing NZ Bio Forestry technology, business IP, and business model, and how this opportunity can increase the value of NZ forest exports by a factor of 80

The Science Explained

This video explains the science behind how NZ Bio Forestry can turn wood into Biofuels and Biochemicals, replacing the world's reliance on fossil fuels.

NZ Bio Forestry
- the Māori way

NZ Bio Forestry CEO describes the Māori thinking behind making NZ's forestry better for the country and Māoridom while working with existing forestry industries, nature and smart thinking.

Ngahere Korokoro & Climate Change Commission 

Maui. Tech and NZ Bio Forestry produced this video for the Climate Change Commission. It examines the NZ Bio Forestry proposition and the opportunities it provides to solve critical environmental and sustainability issues being faced in NZ and around the world. 

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