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High-value opportunities from bio-based technologies

NZ Bio Forestry specialises in the data, analytics and the design of circular bio-facilities that integrate wood engineering and bio-refining with the chemical and petrochemical sectors. 

Our process converts softwoods (Pinus Radiata) back into its molecular sugar structure and applies bio-refining, bio-chemistry and bio-engineering to create non-food source alternatives to petroleum and plastics. 

What makes us different?

Bread Loaf

We do not use food sources and therefore do not draw on nutritional sources to feed humans.

Did you know that over 90% of current bio-fuels and bio-materials currently come from food sources?

Scientist with Microscope

Our technologies are being proven in practice. We have know-how to transform softwood and wood waste into a suite of green innovative products, along with the systems and IP to build out the business.

Earth Projection

We can design to scale globally for both companies and investors seeking a sustainable alternative that can radically reduce and change emission profiles.

Let's start a conversation

Collaboration is our life blood. Contact us now by phone or email. 

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