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As the winds of business life whirl around me and amidst the welcome chaos, I pause quickly to share with you where we are on this incredible journey with NZ Bio Forestry.

It’s good to mull over the last few months. It helps us to reflect and learn from the many discussions held with potential partners and investors, government entities, media and forestry sector leaders. It enables us to refine our proposition, messaging and strategy. And boy, interest in our company is heating up.

Firstly, many people ask ‘exactly what business is NZ Bio Forestry in? And I have found a short answer that quickly resonates with the audience. Simply, as the graphic says below, NZ Bio Forestry is a biotechnology platform that uses proven IP that produces low carbon, zero to low emission petroleum-fossil free products. As Airbnb doesn’t own the accommodation and Uber doesn’t own the taxis or food outlets, NZ Bio Forestry does not own the trees, nor is it a major investor in manufacturing facilities. NZ Bio Forestry is the IP platform that integrates three business sectors of forestry, bio-materials and bio-chemicals into a single consolidated site.

In other words, NZ Bio Forestry has simply digitised an entire nature-centred process to turn forest trees, including its waste, into biomaterials that will severely reduce the world's reliance on fossil fuels. We plan to license this technology worldwide.

We are being noticed here and around the world! November and December are full on. NZ Bio Forestry and its Taiwan technology partners have been awarded R&D World’s Top Global 100 Innovative R&D programmes (FixCarbon - Category ) for 2023. We will be accepting the award in San Diego on 16th November. NZ Bio Forestry has also been included in the nomination process for the Earthshot Prize 2024 award. We have been invited to be key speakers at the APEC CEO Summit in San Francisco on 10-15 November and at COP28 Sustainability Week in UAE in December.

This is after we held a series of customer and investor update sessions in Taiwan, Singapore, the UK, EU in September and October. Plus, NZ Bio Forestry was invited to present our proposition to LEGO and Velux in Denmark.

Then, in early 2024, NZ Bio Forestry will be commencing a series of capital-raising programmes over the coming three years. If you are a professional institutional or wholesale investor or in the forestry/energy/bio-tech sectors looking for investment opportunities and would like to receive the latest information and investor video, simply click here and complete your details, and we will be in touch with you.

That’s it ......for now.

Ngā mihi

Wayne Mulligan



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