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Register your interest to receive Investment Memorandum  

If you are an institutional investor or company interested in investment opportunities in NZ Bio Forestry, please complete the form below. The process will be as follows;

  • Complete the form confirming your status as a professionally qualified investor.  

  • The offer is limited to Qualified Investors.  The IM (Investment Memorandum)  and Dataroom are only available to qualified Investors to whom an exclusion from the information disclosure requirements of the FMCA applies (as set out in Schedule 1 of the FMCA)  You must not apply to seek the IM if you are not a Qualified Investor.  

  • NZ Bio Forestry will seek an NDA - confidentiality agreement - to be completed, along with confirmation of Investment interest.  

  • Then with the NDA signed and a document confirming  Qualified Investor status, NZ Bio Forestry Board will consider the application.

  • If accepted by the NZ Bio Forestry board, the  Applicant will be notified of mutual interest, although the Board may seek further information, or discuss the process in further detail with the Applicant. 

  • If not accepted, NZ Bio Forestry will notify cancellation. 

  • Once both parties have indicated clear interest, NZ Bio Forestry will provide the IM, Dataroom* and hold 1-2 meetings with the prospective investor, with the closure decision expected within 4-6 weeks. (*Dataroom access provided by electronic - non- copy status).

Legal: NZ Bio Forestry has the unfettered right to accept or refuse an application throughout the entire process, and NZ Bio Forestry may request certain information as of right and withhold any information, as it sees fit

Register your interest

Thank you - we will be intouch!

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