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Recognised in the Top 100 R&D innovators worldwide

NZ Bio Forestry and its Taiwan technology partners have won a place in R&D World’s Top Global 100 Innovative R&D programmes for 2023.

This award highlights the significance of our work developing carbon-negative bio-plastics from biomass sourced from plantation forests. This innovative technology can help reduce the need for fossil fuels while increasing the economic return from planted forests. A great outcome for New Zealand-Taiwan research collaboration!

You can find out more – and see the company we’re keeping at the global leading edge – at R&D World’s website (click here).

Building on Success

Satisfying as it is, this recognition simply confirms the global significance of work being carried out in Aotearoa. By combining New Zealand’s strengths in forestry and land use with Taiwanese biochemistry and industrial research, NZ Bio Forestry is positioned to take its place in the global value chain.

There is growing interest around the world in replacing components derived from fossil fuels with carbon-neutral alternatives sourced from trees. The innovative processes developed with our partners are now being recognised as the key to a carbon-neutral future.

The humble Pinus Radiata that covers so many New Zealand hillsides could soon be providing a suite of high-value products – from biofuels and bioplastics to innovative engineered wood products. We’re now poised for more R&D and sophisticated manufacturing in New Zealand, with new partnerships being scoped throughout Asia-Pacific.

Winning a place on R&D World’s Top 100 list suggests that the world is paying attention.

Wayne Mulligan


NZ Bio Forestry


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