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Something treemendous

NZ Bio Forestry is pleased to announce the launch of our "Treemendous" video library that aims to illustrate the tremendous value, and benefits of productive, sustainable and renewable forestry in Aotearoa-NZ.

It's NZ Bio Forestry Christmas gift to provide valuable insight for companies, communities NGO's and Governments wanting to see the practical and pragmatic ways to adopt non-fossil-based consumer and industrial products.

Below are our first two videos. NZ Bio Forestry's plan is to release further insightful and informative videos in January, February, March, and April 2023. Subscribe to this blog so you get an immediate notification when we release Blogs and videos.

NZ Bio Forestry has three key areas we focus on, Biochemicals, Bioenergy and Biomaterials. The Treemendous videos will cover a range of topics, around how our business will positively impact Aotearoa-NZ and our relationship across Asia-Pacific. The series will; discuss our business model and how it focuses on technology to build smart new capabilities, especially around People, Products and IP; show how indigenous-Maori wisdom integrates with science and technology; demonstrate how NZ Bio Forestry will help augment, forestry, wood manufacturing, and chemical sectors.

The first video "Fueling tomorrow's Global Economy" The Science Explained.

Here we show you the process to convert Pinus radiata, residuals from pruning, thinning, and slash into highly valuable products that are alternatives to fossil fuels and products.

The second video is:'Global Solution to a Global Problem' The Opportunity

Here we show how Aotearoa-NZ can utilize its forestry and residual resources to create a range of products and new knowledge-IP.

So watch this space, and don't forget to subscribe to our blogs to hear more about the NZ Bio Forestry story.

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