Transforming forestry biomass to environmentally sustainable timber products, bio-chemicals and bio-materials.

NZ Bio Forestry

Cleaner Better Sustainable Future

It's the future.

  • Planet Friendly- everything we do

  • No Waste - everything we use

  • No Petroleum - everything we make

We develop solutions through IP and supporting infrastructure to create ecologically-robust platforms and eco-facilities to sustainably commercialise forestry biomass. 

Alternatives to petroleum and fossil based products, as:






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It's the future

Cleaner Better Sustainable Future

Planet Friendly - everything we do

No Waste - everything we use

No Petroleum - everything we make

Our Story

NZ Bio Forestry started with friends from Aotearoa-New Zealand, Taiwan and Singapore who got together in 2017 and said "imagine if three small nations combined to create a sustainable and renewable bio-economy to provide scalable alternatives to fossil and petrochemical products".


The Aotearoa-New Zealand team led by Māori wanted a business anchored on 'mauri' - the living essence/life-science of forests. 


Taiwan and Singapore teams wanted to create a generational 'mindshift' away from unsustainable and non-renewable resources that contribe to polluting the environment.


Together we created NZ Bio Forestry.  

Cleaner Better Sustainable Future 


                                        This is the future. Now.


Wayne Mulligan     New Zealand

Lee, Swee Yee        Singapore

Lin, Kai Hsuan       Taiwan

M +886 9122 00702